Show 197, 1/10/13

“Sick of Seattle,” The Smithereens

“The Lost Buoys,” Clock Opera

“Evil Voices,” The Faint

“Marrow,” St. Vincent

“My Love Is Real,” Sivine Fits

“We OK,” The Very Best

“The Greeks,” Is Tropical

“Awkward,” San Cisco

“Perhaps Vampires Is a Bit Strong But…,” Arctic Monkeys

“So Far So Long,” Nightlands

This Week’s Song My Friend Jason Will Hate: “Ich R U,” Boys Noize

“Map of an Englishman,” Erland & the Carnival

“Be Your Bro,” Those Darlins

“Fuck You,” Bad Religion “Strange Attractor,” Animal Kingdom

Double Take: “Starman,” David Bowie

Double Take: “Starman,” The Rural Alberta Advantage

“Pink Ruff,” Bleeding Rainbow

“Colony Collapse Disaster,” Mystical Weapons

“All Your Gold,” Bat for Lashes

“Mario’s Flaming Whiskers III,” Deerhoof

“The Shark Fighter!,” The Aquabats

“A Darkness Rises Up,” Broken Records

“Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood,” The Animals

“Got a Nerve,” Grand Vanity

“Boom Boom,” Jenny Dragon

“Older,” They Might Be Giants

“Purple Catacomb,” Bogan Via

Rae’s Concert Calendar: “Girls Want Rock,” Free Energy

Rae’s Concert Calendar: “Show Me Your Eyes,” Royal Canoe

Rae’s Concert Calendar: “Keep You,” Wild Belle

“Dance or Die,” Janelle Monae featuring Saul Williams

“Lowtide,” O’Death

“Cool Kids Cut Out of the Heart Itself,” Miniboone

“Camel,” Damion Suomi & the Minor Prophets

“Burn It All Down,” VHS or Beta

“Araceli,” Nataly Dawn

“Start Wearing Purple,” Gogol Bordello

“O O O,” Kakkmaddafakka

“In the Room Where You Sleep,” Dead Man’s Bones

“On Giving Up,” High Places

“The Mighty Sparrow,” Ted Leo & the Pharmacists

“Tuck the Darkness In,” Bowerbirds